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Best Windows for Winter

What kind of windows are the best windows for winter? The answer is windows built with Low-E Glass. That’s the answer. Didn’t expect the answer right out of the gate, did ya? Well we don’t like to drag our feet. This is important stuff after all! Just because it’s almost February doesn’t mean we’re out […]

13 Vehicles with Heated Windshield Glass

-19 degrees fahrenheit. That’s how cold it got last January in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, home to us at Omni Glass and Paint. In this frigid ice box we call a state, the brave souls here know a thing or two about heated windshields. They have to. Imagine trying to scrape the iced-over windshield of an industrial […]

Protective Coatings Cover Your Assets

What Coatings are Best to Preserve Your Assets Protective coatings are designed to preserve assets such as metal and concrete. This is similar to how the paint you use in your home covers the walls. However, that kind of coating is decorative!   In industrial applications, the type of coating you need depends on what […]

Coolest Ballistic Glass

  Ballistic glass is one of the most important technologies in the world. It’s no wonder it’s also referred to as transparent armor or armored glass. The advanced material has become a crucial element of military engineering as much as armored plate metal. Military applications aside, ballistic glass also protects and brings piece of mind to […]

Winterizing Your Windows and Doors

  Omni-Winterize-your-Home.v2 Winter is approaching fast! Save money on your heating bill by winterizing your windows and doors before the freezing temperatures hit.

6 Best Commercial Glass Buildings in the Fox Valley

Who knew the Fox Valley had some of the most impressive commercial glass buildings?   Check out our list of the top 6 best commercial glass buildings in the Fox Valley.       1. Lawrence University’s Warch Campus Center – Appleton, WI

Window Repair After Storm Damage – 8 Steps to Follow

What to do when your windows are damaged in a (thunder) storm. Regardless of the season, storm damage is a concern for everyone from homeowners to real estate agents, car owners and business owners. Be it hail damage or debris from a thunderstorm, there is always a risk of coming home to broken glass and […]

A Transparent History of Glass

It becomes easy to see through the marvels of history when they themselves are transparent. This is the case with glass – a material so humble that its primary purpose has been perfected in making it nearly invisible. Glass is everywhere around us. It is the window to our neighborhoods, the portal to distant lands, […]

7 Beautiful Examples of Stained Glass

Previously, we brought you the 20 Most Beautiful Glass Buildings. Now we’re bringing you 7  beautiful examples of stained-glass. 1.) Peacocks and Peonies II, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C. Created in 1882 by John La Farge, Peacocks and Peonies II uses the “broken jewel” technique. La Farge used tiny bits of colored glass to […]

How Glass is Made

You use glass bottles all the time, but do you ever wonder how it’s made? Here’s the inside story on how a glass bottle is made.