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Best Windows for Winter

What kind of windows are the best windows for winter? The answer is windows built with Low-E Glass. That’s the answer. Didn’t expect the answer right out of the gate, did ya? Well we don’t like to drag our feet. This is important stuff after all! Just because it’s almost February doesn’t mean we’re out […]

A Transparent History of Glass

It becomes easy to see through the marvels of history when they themselves are transparent. This is the case with glass – a material so humble that its primary purpose has been perfected in making it nearly invisible. Glass is everywhere around us. It is the window to our neighborhoods, the portal to distant lands, […]

7 Beautiful Examples of Stained Glass

Previously, we brought you the 20 Most Beautiful Glass Buildings. Now we’re bringing you 7  beautiful examples of stained-glass. 1.) Peacocks and Peonies II, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C. Created in 1882 by John La Farge, Peacocks and Peonies II uses the “broken jewel” technique. La Farge used tiny bits of colored glass to […]

How Glass is Made

You use glass bottles all the time, but do you ever wonder how it’s made? Here’s the inside story on how a glass bottle is made.

How Glass is Recycled

Glass is one of the few materials that is 100% recyclable and can be recycled again and again. A glass bottle takes 1 million years to naturally decompose, so please recycle! Currently, only 28% of glass in the United States is being recycled. Here is the story of how glass is recycled.  1. Glass is sorted […]