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Window Repair After Storm Damage – 8 Steps to Follow

Storm damaged house

What to do when your windows are damaged in a (thunder) storm.

Regardless of the season, storm damage is a concern for everyone from homeowners to real estate agents, car owners and business owners. Be it hail damage or debris from a thunderstorm, there is always a risk of coming home to broken glass and other damage.

A storm rolls in. You curl up under a blanket and turn on Netflix, trying to ignore the howling wind and rain outside. CRASH! A tree branch smashes through your living room window, scattering glass across the carpet. You look over the mess, shaken but unharmed. Now what?

Broken Glass? Here’s What to Do and Who to Call

1. The first thing to do is record the damage that has occurred. Providing photos and written documentation of the damage to your home or vehicle will help your insurance provider (and whatever restoration professional you employ) reach a fair and equitable result for your claim. News articles can be a useful resource for verifying the significance of the storm damage.

2. Contact several restoration companies or contractors to perform an estimate for you. Using multiple sources will help with the accuracy of the estimate. Make certain that the contractors inspect your entire home or business, not just the obvious broken windows.

3. Review your insurance and make sure you understand what your policy provides.

4. Contact your insurance provider and report your claim. Provide all photos and documentation, as well as the estimate from the contractor of your choice.

5. Arrange for your insurance adjuster and the contractor you choose to view the storm damage on the same day. Having all involved parties present will allow a more accurate assessment and facilitate faster resolution.

6. Know your rights! If your home is damaged and your claim is denied, you have the right to contact different insurance adjusters for an assessment. You pay your premiums, and you deserve to be compensated for whatever damages, however minor, you experience.

7. Once your claim is approved, you can let your contractor get to work. Your insurance will pay you twice – once for the material cost of the job, and a second time after the repairs have passed a city inspection.

8. When you are satisfied with a job well done, ask your contractor to sign a lien waiver. Submit your final payment and take a deep breath. You made it.

home storm window damage

Having to repair windows due to storm damage can be a real “pane”. Source:

Beware of “Storm Chaser” Window Contractors

You may have heard of “storm chasers.” No, not like the people who research tornados like in the movie “Twister.” Storm chasers are (often out-of-state) contractors who will attempt to get you to sign a contract, but then leave after the work has been signed up but not conducted. Don’t fall for it.

Ask any prospective contractor these questions to make sure they are legitimate:

  • What cities are they licensed in, and what licenses do they have, and where did they come from?
  • What is the contractor name they are using/working under?
  • What storms have they done restoration work for in the past?

If the contractor seems like the real deal, follow these steps:

  • Ask the contractor to walk you through the repair proposal step-by-step.
  • Ask for them to give you an estimate, and check it online with them while they are with you.
  • Don’t sign anything unless you feel satisfied, and never sign something with a contingency.
  • If you feel comfortable, ask the contractor to walk you through the contract, and ask them to meet with your insurance adjuster when he/she comes to assess the damage.


Research Can Protect You

Research is the best thing you can do in a situation like this. Verify what your insurance policy covers, who your contractor is, and whether your insurance adjuster is giving you a fair assessment of the damage value and repair cost.

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I just spoke with Dave V. by phone, but wanted to be sure that my appreciation did not go unnoticed. Jeff and Mark of your residential division just left my home after spending two days replacing several storm damaged windows.  I am calling and writing to express my deep appreciation for their professionalism, expertise and spirit.  They are both an asset to your company.  With a positive experience like the one I have experienced, you can bet that if there is additional work that I need done, Omni will be my first call.   ~ Thom N. Oshkosh, WI

“Mark and Brandon are going great guns here. Thanks for sending these gentlemen to do our installation. I have a GREAT deal of confidence in them and fully expect the entire job to go as well as it has to this point.”-Jim

“Your residential installer was wonderful and did an amazing job.”-Kyle, Green Lake

“Both Steve Bridwell & Mark Willems did a great job of helping me with my patio door after my home invasion.”-Kathy, Oshkosh

I wanted you to know that Mark Willems our installer did a FANTASTIC job. He is very professional, knowledgeable and personable. He represents your company well. P.S. We have made several referrals based on our experience! -Mike & Mary Kay, Winneconne

My recent experience with Omni Glass & Paint was fantastic. I had been waiting 3 months for a part for our front door from another glass company in Oshkosh. I reached out to Omni Glass & Paint; they came to look at the door, found the part and installed the part in less than a day. The door works perfect now. I was so impressed with Omni’s work and would highly recommend them to anyone. – Matt Bakalars, Fox Valley Savings Bank

Mark and Jeff installed windows in our home in Oshkosh.  We were extremely happy with their work but more than that, they went above and beyond to install those windows and were extremely friendly and informative along the way.  They even found an issue with rotten wood that the workers who installed our siding just covered up…so we are very grateful. Because of their services we would highly recommend Omni Glass to everyone.  And the windows are outstanding too!   ~ Roxanne D. – Oshkosh, WI

I just called to compliment the man who installed my new shower door.  Jeff was very pleasant, he did an AWESOME job, everything is perfect, and he left the place neater than when he arrived!  Everything lines up, everything fits, nothing leaks! I am so happy with the job he did!   ~ Nancy, Oshkosh, WI

I just wanted to congratulate the great crew we had working at my home, they were fantastic.  I am very, very pleased with their knowledge and abilities, they were the most impressive group of people I have ever worked with. Mark was especially helpful, he was absolutely wonderful to work with. Thanks again!   ~ Rick, P

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