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Winterizing Your Windows and Doors


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Winter is approaching fast! Save money on your heating bill by winterizing your windows and doors before the freezing temperatures hit.

According to, heating and cooling accounts for more than half of the energy use in a typical U.S. home, making it the largest energy expense for most homes!

The following steps will include using products you can pick up at your local hardware store. Plan on spending a couple hours to complete all the steps. However, if you put in the time, it’ll pay off this winter.


The Check Over

To get started, complete an inspection of all your doors and windows. Check for anything noticeable like cracks or nicks in the window panes and ensure all doors close properly. For doors, if you can stick a piece of cardboard under or above the door, you have a serious gap.

Feel drafty in certain rooms of the house? A great way to check for drafts is to light a tall candle and hold the candle up to the window and door. See the light flickering towards you? There might be a draft.


Winterizing Windows

According to that Natural Resources Defense Council, one-third of household heat escapes through windows. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep the heat in!
1. If you can, replace any window screens with their glass panes. This second layer of glass will help insulate.

2. Once any cracks are located, apply caulking around the outside of windows. You can pick up a caulking gun and caulk at your local hardware store.

Watch this video on caulking windows

3. Another winter window trick is to install thermal curtains around your main windows. Keeping the curtains open during the sunny winter days will keep your house warmer. Close the curtains during the night to keep the heat in.


Winterizing Doors

Doors to the outside are letting heat out through opening and closing. However, if your door is shut, you shouldn’t feel a draft.

1. Install storm doors. Replace your screen doors with storm doors to keep heat in and winter out.

2. Check for gaps around the door. If there is a gap in the door, adding a weather strip or replacing an old one can keep the heat inside. Luckily, adding a weather strip is fairly simple. You can pick one up from your hardware store and installation is simple.

Watch this video on adding weather strips


Winterizing Your Windows and Doors Saves Money

Spending a little time and money will go a long way in preparing your home for the cold months ahead.

Other tips on saving money on your heating bill:

1. Set the thermostat for when you’re away. Is everyone gone during the day? Set the thermostat lower and turn it back up when you return.

2. Turn down the heat at night. Turning the temperature down even just a few degrees at night will save money.

3. Avoid using space heaters. Space heaters can really rack up the electricity bill.



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I just spoke with Dave V. by phone, but wanted to be sure that my appreciation did not go unnoticed. Jeff and Mark of your residential division just left my home after spending two days replacing several storm damaged windows.  I am calling and writing to express my deep appreciation for their professionalism, expertise and spirit.  They are both an asset to your company.  With a positive experience like the one I have experienced, you can bet that if there is additional work that I need done, Omni will be my first call.   ~ Thom N. Oshkosh, WI

“Mark and Brandon are going great guns here. Thanks for sending these gentlemen to do our installation. I have a GREAT deal of confidence in them and fully expect the entire job to go as well as it has to this point.”-Jim

“Your residential installer was wonderful and did an amazing job.”-Kyle, Green Lake

“Both Steve Bridwell & Mark Willems did a great job of helping me with my patio door after my home invasion.”-Kathy, Oshkosh

I wanted you to know that Mark Willems our installer did a FANTASTIC job. He is very professional, knowledgeable and personable. He represents your company well. P.S. We have made several referrals based on our experience! -Mike & Mary Kay, Winneconne

My recent experience with Omni Glass & Paint was fantastic. I had been waiting 3 months for a part for our front door from another glass company in Oshkosh. I reached out to Omni Glass & Paint; they came to look at the door, found the part and installed the part in less than a day. The door works perfect now. I was so impressed with Omni’s work and would highly recommend them to anyone. – Matt Bakalars, Fox Valley Savings Bank

Mark and Jeff installed windows in our home in Oshkosh.  We were extremely happy with their work but more than that, they went above and beyond to install those windows and were extremely friendly and informative along the way.  They even found an issue with rotten wood that the workers who installed our siding just covered up…so we are very grateful. Because of their services we would highly recommend Omni Glass to everyone.  And the windows are outstanding too!   ~ Roxanne D. – Oshkosh, WI

I just called to compliment the man who installed my new shower door.  Jeff was very pleasant, he did an AWESOME job, everything is perfect, and he left the place neater than when he arrived!  Everything lines up, everything fits, nothing leaks! I am so happy with the job he did!   ~ Nancy, Oshkosh, WI

I just wanted to congratulate the great crew we had working at my home, they were fantastic.  I am very, very pleased with their knowledge and abilities, they were the most impressive group of people I have ever worked with. Mark was especially helpful, he was absolutely wonderful to work with. Thanks again!   ~ Rick, P

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