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Quality Matters

Unlock your potential with Omni

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Join our team of quality commercial painters in central Wisconsin. Even if you don’t have painting experience, you can become an expert in the field with Omni’s Mentor Program.

Competitive pay and strong benefits are just a small part of what makes Omni the place for you.

Opportunity for Growth

At Omni Glass & Paint, we believe in unlocking potential and creating opportunities for our
employees. Some of our team members are brand new to the construction industry. Some have
been an industry expert for decades. Regardless, everyone is given the opportunity to learn and
develop their skills on the job.

Safety and Clean Work Environments

At Omni, we are committed to providing a safe and clean work environment for our employees.
We prioritize safety and cleanliness, ensuring that all of our employees have the best possible
workplace conditions. We are proud to be a leader in our industry when it comes to quality,
safety and cleanliness.

First Shift Hours

We understand that it can be difficult to balance work and family life. That’s why all Omni team
members work first-shift hours, so that they can have the flexibility to balance their work and
family commitments. Our first-shift hours are designed to make life easier for our employees,
while still providing them with the opportunity to succeed, because you shouldn’t have to
choose between work and life.

Freedom to Change

We have experienced employees who made painting their long-term career because they love
the variety and activity their work days provide, all in a safe and clean environment. We have
others who started as residential glass installers and later took on administrative roles in our
offices or joined our manufacturing team in Neenah. Your potential at Omni isn’t limited to on
area or focus.

Are you ready to unlock your potential?

Do you want something different that offers competitive pay, strong benefits, first-shift hours and a custom career path all in one place?

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Where we stand out:

Commercial Paint

Painting, wood finishing, industrial coating and more.

Commercial Glass

Commercial glass windows, curtain walls, storefront doors and systems.

Residential Glass

Residential glass products and services for new construction or remodeling projects.

Aluminum Composite Panels

State of the art technologies to fabricate and install aluminum composite panels on any type of substrate.

OEM – Specialty Glass

Fire rated, cab glass, ballistic, railway and heated windshields.

Omni is headquartered in Oshkosh, with additional offices in Green Bay, Schofield, Milwaukee and Neenah.

Our employees serve Oshkosh, the Fox Valley, Green Bay, Wausau, Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

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